Popular Courses:

1. New York State Teacher Assistant Course for Public and Private School

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Why Teacher Assistant:

· $40,000 Annual Salary, Working from 8 AM – 2 PM

· Cover medical insurance for WHOLE family

· Enjoy PAID summer and PAID holiday

· Tuition: $700 / 8 classes

2. QuickBooks

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· The starting salary is $35,000 for QuickBooks beginning user

· Learn in a short time, use for the whole life

· QuickBooks is not for expert, it’s a very common and necessary skill for office work

· Tuition: $380 / 5 classes

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Popular Services:

1. Open a Family Day Care in New York City 

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· Open a Family Day Care in New York City is a small investment, but with huge market demands.

· The procedures of application are very complicated and time-consuming. Our consultant is the owner of a Family Day Care, and she concludes a clear way to get the permission for a Family Day Care in New York.

Come ask us first!! Save your time and money!!

2. Become a qualified New York State Certified Teacher

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· Even though you are not Education major or you didn’t study in New York, you are still possible to become a New York State Certified Teacher.

· The requirements to be a teacher in different levels of school are totally different.

· Come ask us first!! Make sure you are on the right direction!!

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