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1. 公司介绍

美新教育培训是纽约市一家专门为华人提供执照考试课程及职业咨询服务的机构,公司于 2015 年由一批纽约州公立学校老师及职业人士成立。

我们提供一系列专业课程,包括:纽约州教师助理,企业网站建造,会计做账软件 QuickBooks 操作,日常办公英文 / 会计做账用语英文班,入籍培训,以及 Microsoft Office 办公软件课程,令你有一技之长,增加市场竞争力。我们的课程特点是快,利用大家碎片化时间(如周末)学习,不耽误工作!2 个月内即可完成!而且立竿见影,学完马上用,学习的目的除了提高自我,还希望大家在工作岗位上能够有一个质的飞跃!


另外,我们也有提供幼儿教育服务,包括:Summer School(暑期班),After School(课后补习班)以及 “一对一” 家教服务,由现任公立学校正规中英文教务人员执教,教师本身主修美国硕士普通级特殊教育一到六年级课程,采用中美混合式活动教育,不但提高学生的成绩,还全面地提高学生的学习及社交能力,让孩子愉快自信地学习。老师多年来的教学经验,深受家长认可及好评!

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4. 联系方式:347 – 901 – 8923 

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Mei Sun Career Training is a New York based leading training center mainly provides preparation for certification exam and professional consulting service for career development. Our company was established in 2015 by a group of highly experienced teachers and talents. Our works mainly focus on new immigrants and adults.

Mei Sun Career Training provides a wide range of courses, including: New York State Teacher Assistant, Web Design, QuickBooks and Microsoft Office.

Mei Sun Career Training also provides a wide range of consulting services, including: How to open a qualified and licensed Family Day Care in New York City, How to become a qualified and licensed New York State Teacher, and Job hunting consulting services.

We are looking forward to providing the best service to our students and clients.

Why choose us?

One month can finish our course. It is fast and simple way to get educational career training that could help you build a better, brighter, successful future.

1. Practical Style of Learning

Mei Sun’s practical style of learning means that you learn skills that you could use in your daily life and at your job. You learn the true value of marketable skills that can add your value in today’s increasingly demanding workforce.

2. Instructor Support

Mei Sun’s educational staffs are only Wechat or email away if you need assistance at ll the time. Response and reply to you ASAP.

3. Affordable Tuition

Your low tuition fee covers everything you need to complete your course. The affordable way to get training and get certificate fast.

Refer a friend

Why do we have Student Referral Program. The most powerful form of advertising comes from word-of-mouth recommendations from our students. You are the students know us well and often know and help other people who could benefit from our career courses and services.

Refer someone who want to improve perhaps dissatisfied with their present situation, and has come to appreciate the value of career training in a competitive job market.

When one of the person you referred enrolls with Mei Sun and remains in good standing as a student after the courses, you will receive a $50 tuition credit to enroll for another course.