Teacher Assistant(教师助理)

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New York State Teacher Assistant Course for Public and Private School

Many Teacher Assistant jobs are part time or during regular school hours. So, if you are busy mom or dad working during school hours, that could be a great career for you. If you love children and are interested in pursuing teaching careers. Mei Sun is a great place to start.

Students can gain through introduction to this rewarding career field and gain valuable insight on child behaviors and development. This detail information could be helpful in both your personal and professional life.

In New York state, the Teaching Assistant Certificates authorizes individuals to provide direct instructional services to students under the general supervision of a certified teacher. The main responsibility includes:

  • Collaborate with teachers to monitor the safety of each child.
  • Understand the teacher’s routine when it comes to delivering a lesson plan.
  • Work with children in the classroom to promote their learning.
  • Communicate with parents and keep them informed about their child’s development and any changes to the regular day-to-day schedule.
  • Provide translation if you are a bilingual Teacher Assistant.

Complete this course will prepare you to take the Teacher Assistant Exam and help you to get New York State Certificate. Also you need to provide your education prove and reference letter. We are here to assist you to pass the Exam, finish all the application steps and get the Certification in a short time. With the fast pace and you could complete your course in as little as  2 months.

  • Class Contents:
    • Reading and Writing
    • Mathematics
    • School Instructional Support
    • Exam Registration and Certification Application
    • Exam Skills and Mock Test
  • Class Schedule:
    • Friday: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
    • Weekend: 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM or 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
  • Teacher Qualifications:
    • 10+ years’ educational background
    • Serves as Teacher School in New York State public school
    • Director of Family Daycare and After School Program
  • Tuition Fee: $700 / 8 classes



  • 协助老师监督学生安全问题。
  • 协助老师完成日常教学工作,提供教务支持。
  • 协助学生完成教学任务。
  • 与家长协调沟通,担当老师与家长的沟通桥梁。
  • 如果你是双语助教,则需要为老师,学生获家长提供翻译服务。


  • 课程内容:
    • 阅读与写作
    • 数学
    • 学校教务支持
    • 考试注册以及执照申请
    • 考试技巧以及模拟考试
  • 上课时间:
    • 周五:下午 6:30  – 9:00
    • 周末:早上 9:30  – 中午 12:00  或 下午 2:00 – 4:30
  • 教师资质:
    • 10 年以上教育经验
    • 在纽约州公立学校担任教师助理
    • 家庭幼儿园以及课后班学校负责人
  • 学费:$700 / 8 节课